Beauty of the Southern Uplands

Well summer is in full swing and the Uplands are full of beauty. Stretching from the east to west coast of Scotland they have a unique presence that is vastly untapped. The wildlife is abundant and the space around you is amazing. At the start of the month we took a tour from Edinburgh to Biggar then onto Hawick and returned back to Edinburgh. Biggar was our first stop off point home to the Whilst touring over 30 variety of bird were spotted including raptors such as Buzzard, Kestrel and Red Kite. The Buzzards were a family training there young as to the art of 'hanging' on the wind high up on a ridge about 700m or 2100 feet. In addition to the birds mammals were spotted, the likes of a Stoat just sitting on the road right in front of us and a large Brown Hare next to us. Hawick is a town just on the border of the Uplands having a couple of loch's that we visited and saw Little Grebe and Reed Warblers. In addition to the loch's Hawick is home to, and museums showcasing Isle of Man TT motorbikes and lastly All in all a great day was had with lunch provided on the way round. Why not experience the tour for yourself. Look out for the things we miss in our busy lives. Until next time keep spotting. Julian #glasgow #hawick #edinburgh #southeruplands #whisky #knitwear

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