Birder or Twitcher

Well what is the difference I hear you ask. I used to know a client who was a 'twitcher'. A twitcher is a birdwatcher whose main aim is to collect sightings of rare birds. My client and her partner used to travel overnight the length and breadth of Britain to find that elusive species that may have 'blown in' on a South Westerly gale for instance. Am I a twicher, no, I just take pleasure in the things we miss sometimes. So as a birder I watched early morning whilst sitting in traffic on the A27 two Grey Heron being mobbed by a pair of Jackdaws. Herons look so ungainly in flight, whilst being harassed, there long stilt like legs all over the place trying to find somewhere to land. The Jackdaws were relentless as they jostled the Herons. Eventually, the Herons passed on, no doubt to be mobbed again until they find their

resting place gracefully on the banks of a river poised patiently anticipating a tasty morsel. Jackdaws on the other hand love to hang around chimney pots as it's generally warmer on a roof.

So the example below would be of a Twitcher who decides to go to Shetland to spot this Owl.

We'll keep an eye out for the things we miss until next time.

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