Down by the river

The Bigger Tour weaves along two main rivers in Scotland The Clyde and The Tweed. The market town of Biggar is only about 6 miles from each of them. The amazing and diverse wildlife that can be experienced from the banks of the river is second to none. Only the other day before the new lockdown restrictions I chanced upon an encounter with an Otter along the River Clyde, yes an Otter, they live along the river but to see and hear it was a pleasure to behold. What might you spot whilst on tour in the amazing Southern Uplands? The South of Scotland has so much to offer. Trips from Glasgow, Edinburgh or Biggar will be available once we are out of the current lockdown. Be drawn into the atmospheric charm of the Southern Uplands as your eyes wander the hillsides or riverbanks looking for Golden Eagles, Red Squirrels or Deer. Unfortunately, I was unable to click a phone camera button to take a picture of the Otter. However, as the common expression goes 'here is one I prepared earlier' courtesy of Unsplash.

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