Explore the outdoors in the South of Scotland

With changes slowly coming over the next few weeks as to what we will be able to do, I'd thought I would give you an insight into my tours.

Firstly, you will still be able to appreciate the great outdoors in the Southern Uplands, South of Scotland looking for wildlife and learning about the chequered history of the area since Roman times. If you would like to spend longer in the countryside and less time in the towns then this is the tour for you. I can adapt your trip to your requirements. If you have an old pair of boots or shoes by all means wear them as we could well be walking off the beaten track if you fancy it. Getting out in the fresh air and admiring the amazing views of hills and lochs cannot be beaten after so long in lockdown. What to look out for this time of year? Ospreys are returning for the summer and reestablishing there territory. Wheatears are aplenty, again a summer visitor to Scotland.

Secondly, family groups or household bubbles up to 4 people will be able to travel with me in the vehicle. Sadly no one will be able to sit in the front seat, there is always a fight for that prime spot. As part of prevention of the spread of Co-Vid 19 I am required to keep your contact details on file for 14 days after your trip. Hand sanitiser in small bottles will be available on each seat straight away for you to use during the journey and take home after. My vehicle will be cleaned before and after each tour and you will have the sole use of it for the duration.

Thirdly, whilst out on tour refreshments that would normally be provided enroute are on hold at present so you will have to bring your own drinks. I would usually let you have a pair of binoculars for the duration of the tour but sadly I am unable to do so. Also I am unable to let you finger through the maps guidebooks and wildlife books that we would normally look at.

Lastly, any visits to whisky distillery's or museums will be up to you. Please by all means give me a ring to see if I can arrange a set time for a tour. I can't promise anything but I will try my best. Some of the museums are https://biggarmuseumtrust.co.uk Biggar Museum, www.liveborders.org.uk/culture/museums/our-museums/borders-textile-towerhouse/ Borders Textile Towerhouse and https://www.visitscotland.com/info/see-do/wilton-lodge-park-p252501. The distilleries that we could visit are the www.thebordersdistillery.com or www.theclydeside.com.

By all means give me a ring to discuss your requirements to make your trip as safe and comfortable as can be whilst enjoying the great outdoors.

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