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Wrap up warm and explore the outdoors. There is nothing more exhilarating than breathing in fresh air in the beautiful countryside of Southern Scotland. In the Lowlands you'll have vast areas of open space to explore. Get close to nature who knows you may be able to see a Red Kite this snap was taken in the Dalveen Pass an area of outstanding beauty in Dumfries and Galloway. Also spotted in that area are Red Squirrel. Who doesn't like the 'tufts' of this lovely animal.

Red Kites were reintroduced back into the UK back in the 80's prior to that only two pairs were left in Wales after much persecution between the 1800's to about the 1930's. To see a Kite twisting and turning much like you holding the end of a rope and flicking it randomly is truly an unforgettable experience especially in there natural environment.

What about the Red Squirrel well again they are truly 'at risk' much to there cousin the 'grey' passing on a disease that kills the 'reds'. I follow a site Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels you can notify them if you happen to see a 'red' or 'grey' and they can be mapped. Who knows what you may see whilst out on tour in the Southern Uplands.

Half day tours begin an end in Biggar. Have a look at my latest video featuring Biggar a former market town and Burgh established in 1451. Quintessentially (love that word) a fine town in a beautiful setting. Well keep well and hope to see you soon. In the meantime look out for the things we miss.

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