Looking ahead

Who knows how this year 2021 will unfold. What I do know is that the seasons will continue to roll on. Winter releases its grip letting spring unfold like the first bulbs pushing through the ground. This weekend sees the Big Garden Birdwatch organised by the RSPB. Why not sign up and just spend an hour observing the birds that drop in to your garden, your data can then be sent to the RSPB and they will then get an overview of birds doing well across the country and those doing not so well. Common birds my well be Chaffinch, Starling, House Sparrow, Robin, Blackbird. However, you may get a Nuthatch dropping in on a bird feeder or a lovely Goldfinch may pass through.

Well what's been going on in the Scottish Borders you may ask? Due to the restrictions access to the Southern Uplands has been greatly restricted as we can only stay within our county boundary of South Lanarkshire. So far our latest journeys have been as a family to our local hills such as Tinto and Culter Fell (pronounced 'cooter' as in 'scooter'). These hills offer great views of the surrounding countryside. We watched a Dipper patrol the 'wee burn' just below Culter. They always seem to me to be such a 'smart' bird very much like a waiter with a white waistcoat about to take your order. I managed to video a dipper all be it a bit shaky at New Lanark Mill a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tinto and Culter are the first 'hills' you'll see if you come out on a half day tour from Biggar to either Scotland's Highest Villages Tour or Famous Escapades Tour. Currently no tours are available but hopefully soon we will be able to explore the South of Scotland and venture into the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway.

Well keep looking out for birds and animals whilst out and about stay healthy and safe during these difficult times.

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