Spring is in the air.

Well on the South Coast the above has really set in. The sound of bird song can be heard all around. From the high pitched call of the Wren through to the 'caw caw' of the Rooks setting up their nests high in the treetops everything is springing into life. So why is it as the song goes 'do birds sing so gay?' by Frankie Lymon & the teenagers. Birds could be looking to attract a mate this time of year or they could be setting up their territory especially after travelling long distances from say North Africa. So when you hear the call of a 'screamimg' Swift looking around the eaves of your home for a suitable nest site, all she is saying is 'this is my patch keep out'.

Can you identify the calls of some birds? How about a Chaffinch there call was once described to me as the following 'a fast bowler in cricket running towards the wicket then he releases the ball in a crescendo of sound'. Or a Yellowhammer they are described as 'all bread and no cheeseeee' Descriptive enough? Have a listen to the following Birdsong clips to see if the above makes sense. I'll just throw in one more the Tawny Owl you might be fortunate enough to hear one at this time of year during the day or at night. Oh well until next time look out for the things we miss.

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